So happy to see our paper out today in
@CurrentBiology 🎉 We characterized the mitochondrial metabolism of diverse #apicomplexans, and show the parallel evolution of a range of reduced mitochondria (MROs) in the gregarines!

Thomas Cavalier-Smith (1942–2021) by @AncestralState

Polymath of cellular evolution who shaped understanding of the tree of life.

The @CEA_Officiel is launching a new PhD program on the promising field of Organoïd On Chip.

9 PhD fellowships are available !!

Be careful, deadline is short: May 29th.
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Hot off the press! Our newest #Aiptasia paper just came out in #NatureMicrobiology!

Read the full story about how #dinoflagellate #symbionts escape #vomocytosis by host cell immune suppression:

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