2-year PostDoc position available between Grenoble and @SchwabYannick funded by @UGrenobleAlpes and @embl to investigate the morpho-genetic link in planktonic photosymbioses. Fieldwork & subcellular multimodal imaging. More info:

Andrea @GrunCat came from Bolivia to study #PlantScience at @UGrenobleAlpes and @LaStatale. She will start a #PhD to study the wonderful world of photosymbiosis between 2 unicellular organisms Paramecium bursaria and chlorella algae with @JohanD13016359 @SchoolCbh @EDCSV_grenoble

My favorite planktonic organism living in the ocean: the acantharian Lithoptera ("wings of stone") with its star-shaped mineral skeleton and its intracellular symbiotic microalgae (Phaeocystis, yellow cells). Small is beautiful, and key for our Ocean.
Happy #WorldOceansDay !!!

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