Johan Decelle

Junior Team Leader
Fabien Chevalier

Responsible for the application of molecular biology tools on symbiosis, and the development of experimental approaches applied to our marine / freshwater symbiotic models, management of cultures of marine and freshwater microalgae, field sampling.

Fabien Chevalier

Research engineer

Marine biologist and Microscopist. · My research focus on disentangling the functioning of plankton photosymbiosis, especially the metabolic crosstalk between the symbionts and host cells.

Charlotte LeKieffre


Skills: Electron Microscopy, Isotopic imaging (NanoSIMS), Metabolomic and Fluxomic analysis, Field sampling.

Academic background

Academic background: PhD at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) in LGB lab (carbon and nitrogen assimilation pathways in foraminiferal cells). Postdoc at Angers University in LPG lab (nitrogen uptake in kleptoplastic foraminifera). Postdoc in Aveiro University (C and N uptake in kleptoplastic sea slugs).


PhD subject: Multiscale study of the host control on its symbiotic microalgae - cell physiology and 3D electron microscopy.

Andrea Catacora Grundy

PhD Student

Daniel Yee

Caroline JueryID

Caroline Juery


Ananya Kedige Rao

PhD student



Giovanni Finazzi (LPCV-CNRS), Giulia Veronesi (CNRS-ESRF), Guy Schoehn and Benoit Gallet (IBS), Yannick Schwab and Nicole Schieber (EMBL, Germany), Fabrice Not (CNRS-Roscoff), Mireille Betermier (I2BC-CNRS), Cyrille Botté and Yoshiki Yamaryo-Botté (IAB-CNRS), Niculina Musat and Hryhoriy Stryhanyuk (Helmholtz Center For Environmental Research, Germany).

Postdoc/PhD Positions

If you are interested in doing a Postdoc or PhD in the lab, please contact us to discuss your project ideas and opportunities. We are looking for highly motivated students with different backgrounds in light and electron microscopy, cell biology, bioinformatics.