TREC expedition: Naples – episode 7

TREC expedition continues in the Mediterranean Sea with a stop in Italy, in Napoli.

After an intense and exciting week during the imaging EMBO workshop, our team together with the Advanced Mobile Lab crew (EMBL) and the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Napoli, experienced our seventh sampling of the TREC.

We had 2 teams on the field sampling, one in April and another one in May. We sampled many different beautiful samples of Acantharia species and we also collected some Tiarina, some Sticholonche (Taxopodida), and a very beautiful Lithopthera. This was possible thanks to the Gordon and Berry Moore Foundation which funded our AtlaSymbio project.

The staff of the Anton Dohrn Museum showed PlanktoQuest to the visitors of the Aquarium during the weekend.

It was again a great moment of collaboration, science, and exciting work in the field! We are looking forward to our next stop in July, in Greece!